With rapidly growing digitalization, the animation industry is also witnessing significant growth and is one of the most preferred destinations for animation services, and many entertainment giants are increasing their outsourcing animation related work to the Indian companies. The cost-efficient and high-quality services offered by animation studios have made India one of the fastest-growing animation hub. We at Council for Brand Business Promotions and Research, India’s leading animation studios is highly expertise in i2D animation, 3D animation, storyboards, animatics, portraits among many other kinds of animation work which has helped us to have more satisfied customers with presence in national and international markets.

Animation Services provided by us include:

Our animation services showcase our quality work using a combination of art, sound and animation design that help in delivering the desired message to the targeted audience. Some of the types of services offered by us include:

2D Animation- Our animators are trained in creating 2D characters or images by using the latest technology. To stay updated with technology and to deliver the best 2D characters or images, we use morphing, onion-skinning, tweening and many more advanced techniques while providing 2D animation services for movies, e-Learning courses, product launches, game launches etc.

3D Animation-We are highly qualified in our job and will add life into 3D characters and images in all kinds of programs or presentations. The animators are familiar with advanced technology and use various types of 3D animation like skeletal animation, motion capture, crowd simulation among many others while delivering incredible output and results.

3D Animation Rendering- You can enjoy Photorealistic 3D animation rendering services at the most reduced rates by getting in touch with us. We have qualified animators who are highly expertise in their field and have years of experience in serving to diversified clients.

Visual Effects Services- Whether it is about compositing, animation, motion tracking, or other simple or complex visual effect services, we are specialized in doing the job at the lowest rates. When you outsource the animation-related work to us, you can concentrate on other more important areas that need your attention.

Flash Animation- Besides being expertise in 2D and 3D animation, our dedicated team of professionals are familiar with creating attractive flash animations, using Adobe Flash, Swish, etc. The flash animations created by us reflect a high production value, integrating vector-based drawings and other raster-based art for a clean, polished graphics appearance.

Some other specialized Animation Services include:

  • Animation for e-Learning
  • Animation for Websites
  • Animation for Companies
  • Animation for Entertainment/ Media
  • Animation for educational institutions

At Council for Brand Business Promotions and Research, we are committed to offer top-notch services at the lowest rates. Our experienced animators will leave no stone untouched in delivering the best services and to make your marketing and branding campaign more successful. Contact us now to outsource 2D animation and 3D animation services to us, our team will respond to all your queries at the earliest!!